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I have been a way on holiday for a long weekend and when I have come back to work my PayPal feed isn’t updating and I no longer have a refresh PayPal feed option in the more options drop down box. Looking into it I see there is a ‘QuickFile bank feeds’ add on to chrome. if I activate this will it make PayPal work as that is not a supported bank in the drop down?

Hi @Eagl_s

The Chrome extension is for a few of the banks and doesn’t affect the PayPal feed.

Do you see any error messages in your event log at all? If the feed fails after 3 attempts (e.g. because permission has been revoked), then it will deactivate. But there will be a log of this in the event log itself.

Thank you. I have checked the events log and there is indeed an error message 2d Paypal Feed Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Token is not valid).
Can you tell me how I reactivate this please.

In this case you would set the feed back up as normal.

Go to the PayPal bank account, click More Settings >> Activate Feed, and follow the steps.

The transactions that are missing from the date it was deactivated until it was reactivated, may need to be entered manually on this occasion.

Will I need to delete the current PayPal feed?

I may be being stupid but I cannot see a More Settings option. Am I in the wrong place? I am on the Paypal bank page which shows the transactions and gives the options for ‘input new transaction’, ‘advanced search’ ‘chart view’, ‘more options’.

It should already be removed because of the error. However, it is it still there, then yes - remove it for now.

Apologies - More Options was the button I meant (not More Settings). Under that menu you will see an Activate Feed option:

Thank you for sorting this for me. I am now up and running again. Do you know why we would have got the error message in the first place?

Unfortunately we don’t have any further details apart from the token being invalid - this is the error that the feed would have given us. All I would suggest for the moment is monitoring your account and just ensuring it continues to run. IF you do run into further issues, please do let us know.

Thank you. I will continue to monitor it and let you know if we have any further issues.

Many thanks

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I have had the same problem with the same Event Log error message.
However, my back feed says it’s still active and when I refresh it just reports the following.

No new transactions found today
Please try again later.

I had entered about 21 transactions manually up till the 22nd of this month.
There has been activity in the actual PayPal account, but nothing brought into QFile.

Please advise if you can.

@thechip - just to confirm, has the feed ever run or has it only recently stopped working for you?

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