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PayPal refund shown as predating purchase

Hello. On 19th Feb we bought a printer but the vendor had a problem so refunded us straight away that day. On our PayPal feed the refund shows before the purchase, all on the 19th. For this reason I can’t allocate the refund to an invoice - QF isn’t having it and I see why, though when it’s all within one day maybe there could be leeway?

I could hack it and put 18th Feb on the invoice, though the PP feed shows it as the 19th, so that then the refund on the 19th would post-date the purchase. Would that be acceptable or is there a more elegant way of sorting this out?

Thank you.

Hi H,

You have feed activated so first payment entry will be allocated to purchase/asset and the same day refund entry will be allocated as credit note and you will be ask you to allocate credit against the invoice already posted then select the one which is payment.


Thanks Kaushik. How do I create a credit note from a supplier? I’m probably missing an enormous bright red button the page that says ‘create credit note’. I can see how to do it to one of my clients, but not fron a supplier.

Hi @HeatherD,

You should be able to tag the money in as a prepayment/hold it on the account? and then use that money to pay off the invoice

Hi HeatherD,
Was the whole sum refunded? If so, go to the printers purchase invoice, which you should create before creating the credit note, and click ‘More Option’ at the top of the page. The second line is ‘create refund’.
This may creates an duplicate entry in your PayPal account, which is okay. But you have to delete the entry brought in with the auto feed.
If the created refund doesn’t create a entry in you paypal account, then just tag the refunded entry in your paypal account (brought in with your paypal feed) to that created refund.
From your paypal account you should also be able to create that created note directly by tagging that line to the printers purchase invoice, which you have to create first, obviously.

Hope this helps

Thank you, that worked perfectly :slight_smile:

I thought Quickfile only looked at the date for matching transactions, so if they are on the same day I think they should be able to be tagged to the relevant invoices.