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PayPal Refunds/ Tag Me

I’m sorry to raise the topic of PayPal refunds yet again but I’ve not quite grasped the resolution to this issue.
Over the last year I’ve had to credit several of our members and in all cases due to circumstances I’ve created manual credit notes. I’m using a PayPal merchant account for all transactions without the ignore setting.
The transaction for the client is successfully tagged for the full amount but I’m left with 2 untagged items in the merchant account - one marked as TRANSFER and the other FEE REVERSAL when added together matches the full amount.
What do I do with these untagged items?
Please advise?

Surely there must be three untagged entries in the merchant account. One for the credit note and two for the payment. All you need to do is delete all three.

Can’t be as easy as that.

The “transfer” is easy, that’s presumably where the money has come in from your current account to fund the refund to the member, so you just tag that as a bank transfer between accounts (or if you also have a feed on the current account then it’s probably simpler to delete the untagged one in the PayPal account and tag the transfer from the current account end instead).

The fee reversal is what it says it is - a (partial) refund of the PayPal fees you were charged when you originally received the payment from the member. So this needs to be treated as a refund from the “supplier” that represents your PayPal fees.

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