PayPal Settings Not Saved

During the configuration of PayPal merchants for some reason, it does NOT save the settings.
I go through the PayPal setup which is not a problem.
I would think it is importing but I do not have that many PayPal transactions that it takes hours.

And there is no PayPal account in Merchant and Online Payment Service Accounts

Hi @Keenclick

You will firstly need to create this account, and ensure it’s set to PayPal (Merchant Account)


You need this account set up before you an set up the feed. Is this the process you’ve used to try and set it up?

Yup, just follow the process as described on the site but for some reason it does not save.
Just tried again using Edge but exactly the same.
When clicking save it just shows a bar, seemingly it is busy but it does nothing.

In other words, it does not save the details.

I’ve just tried this on a test account, but it’s worked fine. This was tested on Google Chrome.

This was the process I followed:

Just want to be sure that this is the same page and process as you’re following?

That also does not work.
I go through the PayPal verification process.
Selected exactly what you have but it does not save.
I can save settings, I added Stripe which was not a problem but for some reason PayPal is not saved.

Could create the account name for PayPal.
Next problem is that the feed details are not saved, basically similar as before, the only difference is that I have now a 2 step approach instead of everything in 1 step, but again , no saving of the details

deleted account, probably better stay with WAVE, that works

Hi @Keenclick

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way, but I assure you, we will try our best to get this working for you.

You said you also tried it in “Edge”. What other browsers have you tried it in? There may be an error showing in the developers console. Happy to offer guidance if you can let me know what browser you’re using?

Could you clarify what the 2 steps are please?

the two steps
a) create the merchant account
b) setup the feed

I have deleted my account but will create a new account later

it seems I cannot use my domain name as it is already in use.
I thought that you deleted everything including subdomain.

Is that the case or do you keep the subdomain?
Or is waiting for the DNS and some other parts in your system to remove the subdomain completely so it can be re-used?

The subdomain is released after the account is deleted. But if you marked the account for permanent deletion, it’s queued to be deleted overnight.

Let me send you a private message though, and we’ll get you back up and running. You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

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