PayPal/ Stripe handling charges - adjust invoice

We have set-up PayPal and Stripe to include the percentage of the handling charge but not the 20p transaction charge. This has worked well but we have had to spend time in adding that percentage to the original invoice because it credits the client. An example is Invoice: #003006.
Is there something that we have missed in the set-up or can that percentage be added to the invoice so that the invoice matched the clients payment.

Any card handling charges will get allocated to the client account. If you have a look at the discussion leading up to the implementation of this feature you’ll see it was a trade off we made.

Having the handling charge posted to the client account rather than dynamically modifying invoices (more complex) allowed us to get this rolled out quicker. We are likely to update this later, but right now I don’t have any time frame on when this can happen.

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