Paypal transaction not showing

Hi I have previously imported successfully but now my transaction are not appearing i can see in paypal that I have recieved dollar payments

Hi @Asmaa

Are you able to elaborate on what transactions you’re missing please (currency, date etc.), and I’ll try my best to help you?

hi basically its 2 dollar payments I received last week

they are 2 dollar payments, shown as cleared our paypal account but when I feed them via the automated feed through link they still do not come through

Hi @Asmaa

The PayPal feed, until yesterday, hasn’t supported multiple currencies, only GBP. Even now, it’s only selected accounts who can access it as it’s still new.

If you could provide me with your account number, I’ll arrange for this to be activated on your account if you wish. However, it’s worth noting that the PayPal feed won’t retrieve historic transactions, only from the point it’s been active, so only future multi-currency transactions will be imported.

this is our account 6131473839

thanks for all your help

Hi @Asmaa

This has been enabled for you.

For more information on this feature, check out this topic:

Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry to be asking such basic questions but need some assistance on how to reflect this on QF.

1- I have in-putted an opening balance in Jan
2- the balances since then have been correct.
3- However the feed will not work it seems less
4- it will not feed the input either
5- I am not sure how to fix the difference
6- I am not able to input the dollar amounts either

Can you assist

Hi @Asmaa

As the feed has skipped the USD transactions, you will need to input them manually in the GBP alternative. So if (for example) you took $10.00 by PayPal, but PayPal has converted it to £6.40, you would input £6.40.

Each bank account can only support one currency. The way the new multi-currency features would work with PayPal is it will use the exchange rate based on and save it as the GBP value, so at least you’re not missing any gaps.

I hope that helps!

Ok thank you only just saw the message

just to make sure am correct I have the following transactions on the paypal account

1- So I have a balance of £5874.70 last my last update on paypal
2- I received 2 payments each for $2500 dollars
3- Paypal have taken fees for these transactions
4- I have converted these payments and fees using xe currency
5- All these have in putted these into a spreadsheet
6- However I still am out by a bit from the amount stated on paypal any ideas why ?.
6- Paypal use 2 exchange rates a day
7- Therefore I have placed the difference as exchange rates difference
8- Would that be right if I placed the following transactions

can you assist by confirming if this was right

Hi @Asmaa

The exchange rate brought in by is only for a guide. PayPal uses their own exchange rates but these aren’t supplied to us. They should however be available to you via the PayPal dashboard.

What I would recommend is to ensure QuickFile reflects PayPal is to amend/delete and re-enter the USD transactions and enter them as they’re shown on your PayPal account.