Paypal transactions imported but Paypal fees not showing


I have Setup Paypal Integration and have imported Paypal transaction via CSV but Paypal transactions don’t show as 3 transactions as detailed in below guide:

Is there any way of getting paypal transactions to show 3 transactions for every 1?

Do you need to export from Paypal another way?


When importing from the CSV QuickFile will import a a transaction for each row in the CSV. As PayPal state the fee for each transaction in a column rather than a unique row the bank import routine will not capture this information.

What I would recommend you do is open the CSV in Excel or some other spreadsheet, grab a total of the fee column and enter this as money out on the PayPal merchant account. I would set the date as the date of the most recent transaction on in the import. Now tag this as a payment to a supplier (PayPal) and use the category “bank charges”.

When you have the PayPal feed setup QuickFile will automatically create an entry on the account for each transactions to account for the fees.

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