Payroll accounting

I want to record my payroll liabilities accurately in Quickfile. Ideally, I would like a Payroll Control Account (balance sheet) to record all payroll liabilities, offset by a Gross Pay entry on the P&L (eg a 700x account). All bank transactions (net pay, PAYE, NI etc) would then post to the Control Account, leaving the P&L correctly stated and the liabilities correctly shown on the Balance Sheet.
Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to post a bank transaction to a Balance Sheet account via Tagging without a simultaneous posting being made to P&L (eg 2220 and 7003).
What am I missing? Do I have to post all payroll-related bank account entries via JV rather than by the bank account interface?

If you’re looking to post net wages to the balance sheet, take a look here:

For general payroll journaling, there’s a how to guide here:

Hope that helps :smile:

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Very helpful! I prefer the first option, which seems to work well, albeit I still need a JV to split the Tax and NI parts of a single HMRC bank payment all of which would otherwise appear in the P.A.Y.E. account. The second option essentially involves (as far as I can tell) using a JV to reverse the P&L posting created by the bank tag, ending up with the same result.