Payroll ....Again

Hi, I have been using Quickfile for several successful years now, however I now have a small query. My business only has one employee and until now I have posted a Gross monthly salary (let say 600) using the salary tag which moves the value via net wages into (7001) Director Salaries. Due to a change in circumstance PAYE is now due this month for the first time. Therefore (keeping figures simple) a net employee payment of 500 with 100 of PAYE paid to HMRC. What is the easiest way to deal with this please. (I have two bank transactions one of 500 to employee and one of 100 to HMRC and I cant figure out what to tag them too.

Journal will do, some thing like this
Dr Wages (P&L) 500 if this is gross amount, if it is net then you need to add employee tax and ni to this as well
Dr Employer NI 100
Cr Net wages 500
Cr P.A.Y.E 100

then tag 500 to net wages and 100 to PAYE from bank

Hi, I set up a Payroll Coding Template Spreadsheet for my son-in-law and I think
there is one already in Quickfile.
If you would like a copy of my Excel Spreadsheet please get in touch.

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