Payroll entry

New to quickfile so please excuse if stupid question. Never even used accounting program before. I’m in process of entering data for past couple of months. Already entered some payroll data by entering it under
“Salary, dividend or other drawings” Trying to go through it all now to make sure I didn’t miss anything but having an issue of finding list of payroll payments. Its not under purchases so where do I find it? (this is payments made by bank and cash)


have a look here, that should be helpful:

Depending if you are sole trader or limited, have a look here:

hope this helps

Hello @Davidmac

There’s usually a journal to represent the payment.

This would usually be based on what the payroll software generates, unless they’re your using BrightPay or The Payroll Site, which can integrate and do it automatically

Did you enter the Payments into QuickFile yet?
If so can you still see the payments under the Bank or cash account where you entered them?

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