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I just noticed that Quickfile has a sister company - Company Wizard

I was wondering if there was any other sister companies linked that offered payroll solutions?

I currently use 12cloudpayroll but find it to be quite confusing and am looking for something a bit fresher and even better if I can integrate it with quickfile.

If there isnt a sister company option, is there any software that you might recommend?

I am using 12cloudpayroll at present because it is a free solution that offers EPS and FPS submissions at the click of a button.
but as mentioned, I find it quite a complicated system to use (could be based on my lack of payroll knowlege) but something easier to navigate, maybe slightly simplified would be great.

Hi Paul87,
Quickfile has partnered with the payroll site (it is not a sister company, I think) which can be fully integrated in quickfile. See below.

On your quickfile account, just go to the marketplace and you can find it there.
Here is the url (just replace company with your login url):

@rhc thanks for your reply, ive had a look on the site but cant see anywhere that gives a tour of whats available for me to see if it is simpler than my current option

One of the main issues Im having with payroll sites is that their websites all look very dated and primitive which concerns me, I feel if they cant put effort into their website, is their back end technology going to be any good?..

I’d say the unflashier the frontend the more reliable the backend. Newer/fancier doesn’t mean it’s better, look at MTD and Open Banking for instance, utter shambles/total disasters. The old methods worked fine for years.

May have look here:

And here:

Hope this helps

@Lurch I just feel that if a company cant be bothered to update the front end and make it look a bit more modern, that it doesnt fill me with confidence that they put effort into the back end either
but that said, if a company goes over the top with this then it can look as though thay are trying to compensate for failings elsewhere

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Just to add: they also offer a free trial to have a look and to test the software.

Bright pay and moneysoft are used by thousands of people including accountants. Don’t be put off by how their website looks, their software is excellent.

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