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I run a small software agency. I want to employ myself as a director and I wonder what payroll software would you recommend me.

My plan is to start with the minimum salary (153 GBP per week?) and don’t plan to employ anyone in the near future.

My wish is to have a payroll software that is free, works in the browser and preferably connects with QuickFile and have an API (I plan to build a simple business software for myself to automate some of the easy tasks).

What would you recommend me?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @ninabreznik

While I can’t recommend any particular Payroll package, I can advise that in terms of connections to QuickFile, The Payroll Site does have this ability.

The Payroll Site will allow you to run payroll, carry out RTI for HMRC, and then export your figures into QuickFile. However, this software isn’t free, and as far as I’m aware, doesn’t have an API, although you may wish to contact them directly to confirm.

There’s more information on this setup, here:

Of course, this is a public forum, so other users may share their experiences of other packages below :slight_smile:

I use MyPAYE for my staff, it’s not free but it’s only £1 per employee per month, and it does all the RTI, payslips, eP60, etc. It has an API of sorts which has been enough for me to write my own script to pull payroll info from them and create the matching journals in QuickFile (in Groovy, PM me if you want a copy), though I’m not sure whether the API would allow you to trigger a payroll run from code.


Sounds awesome. I will try to do something similar, but in JavaScript :slight_smile: I am really trying to find a zero cost software since I am also trying to help more people into self employment and would like to help them getting started with a 'zero fixed costs company, but thanks a lot for your kind offer.

The only free online one I’m aware of is Payroo (free up to 9 employees, £3 per employee per year once you hit 10), but I don’t know what, if anything, they offer in the way of API.

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I found this list on gov pages, checked their pages and so far looks the best. No API available asfaik, but maybe in the future I will just build the whole minimal software to connect directly to HMRC API. Slowly… Have to first learn the basics of accounting to be able to pay myself first… :disappointed_relieved:

Payroo is free, works great and has rti.

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I have been running my own company for many years and use the free HMRC software. It does not produce payslips but does all the returns and year end P60s. I create payslips using Excel where I need them - never need to produce one for myself. For accounting just take the figures from the HMRC software and journal into your accounts up to 10 employees for free recommended by HMRC . Full support to that employees have their own account

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I use BrightPay ( It’s free up to 3 employees and I found it very simple to install and use.

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I actually decided to go with this option too. But instead of my own excell sheet, I will start with this simple free tool

Thank you all for your kind answers. Let’s see how it works out. I want to start with the simples, most minimal option and later switch to something more complex :blush:

majorly Payroll service would be free.

Payroo is not free, and I was wondering what is the best way to do payroll - I am the only company director and employee.
Are there any group that provides cost-effective payroll that integrates with Quickfile easily.

I used to use - not free but only £1 per employee per month. It doesn’t (or at least didn’t - I last used it in 2021) have a published integration directly with QuickFile but it does have its own API giving access to the payroll data and I’m happy to share my (somewhat hacky) scripts that I wrote to pull data from mypaye and create journals in QuickFile.

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools is free. It’s not great but it’s perfectly adequate for a single employee. I would have also said there is no need to integrate directly with QF for one employee, you just need to set up a journal each month, which can be done as a recurring journal.

Thank you @cbstephensaca ! Does the HMRC tool generate payslips and P60 as they are required for other financial stuff such as mortgage etc?
Many thanks

It didn’t used to but it does these days.

Actually the HMRC “Basic PAYE Tools” software does print payslips.
Next to each payment entry there is the “Payslip” link, click on this and a pop-up appears with a [print] option in the top right corner. I’ve been using it for a while now and it is perfect for a sole person company.
I simply import the bank transactions and Tag the pay as Directors salary, which Quickfile does automatically and handles the journals perfectly well too.

Thanks but I had noted the change to the software since 2017 which I still use on a monthly basis.

Graham Hamwijk