I am trying to figure out how to carry out payroll for a small Ltd company for only 2 employees. I can see that Quick file do not offer this service directly but use other platforms. Brightpay looks good although i assume this is chargeable. Is there a platform that is free to use? Just need something simple that will do the job and provide payslips.


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try this Download HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools - GOV.UK


Not completely free but I had good experiences with in the past and they charge only £1 per employee per month (so £24 a year in your case). Does all the RTI, pdf payslips, and supports several auto enrolment pensions too - I had mine pushing the info through to NEST via their API.

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Definitely recommend HMRC basic tools. We are Limited with 2 employees and it does print payslips now

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Another good one for future reference is Payroll Manager by Moneysoft -

We have used it for over 10 years and it also handles CIS, NEST etc. £ 75.00 pa for up to 20 employees/subbies and for a bureau licence (unlimited) is approx £ 150.00pa

There’s also Primo, free for up to 10 employees as ad funded.

A friendly fellow user also put me onto this one. Has a bit of a steep learning curve, but it’s good once you get the hang of it! It’s free to use the basic functions.

Another vote for the HMRC basic PAYE tools if you know how much you’re paying each employee and don’t need any HR functions like holiday/sick/maternity records. (It will record and calculate SSP and I think student loan repayments but purely for filing purposes.) So for a small company with just directors drawing salary it’s perfect.

We use an online system which was free when we signed up a couple of years ago. Very easy to use


Another vote for 12 Cloud - Does everything you’ll need, worth reading the helpfiles in conjunction with HMRC pages


I have used Brightpay for many years. You can get 1 employer and up to 3 employees for free. It is one of the best payroll packages around.

Brightpay is not free anymore

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is there anything else like Bright pay- that is integrated with Quick file?
Bright pay sounds great but charges minimum of 3 employees per annum…

Hi @Vidart

QuickFile also integrates with The Payroll Site: The Payroll Site - Setup

I’ve taken this from their website, to help:

£6.50 per month covers your first 5 employees. If you have more than 5 employees, the extras are £1/m each.

For example, for 15 employees, the monthly cost is £16.50 (£6.50 + £1 x 10 extra employees).

The price includes telephone support by our team in the UK.

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