Payrollsite and bank tagging


Hope someone can help me out here. I am using the payrollsite for my PAYE (at the mo only to pay myself, but should have a p/t employee starting in a week or so).

I am using the payrollsite integration with quickfile, all that is working fine. However the money actually comes out of the current account.

No matter what i tag the payment as, it’s doubling up the Net wages on profit and loss… For example this week i paid myself £100 (so no tax/ni to worry about this week). That was submitted to quickfile and gross / net pay both £100…
Profit and loss takes off £100 as it should. But when i make the payment to myself from the bank account… What do i tag it as, so as not to double up on the profit and loss?

In Account Settings >> Company Settings you should invoke the following checkbox.

This will prevent the NET wages from getting posted to the P&L which is what you need if your integrated with a Payroll Site as their journals will already handle this.

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