PayTabs Payment gateway integration

Is there any way to make integration with PayTabs (

So, we can use it to accept online payment.

Thanks …

I’m afraid it’s not a payment provider we are currently integrated with. I did a quick search on the forum but can’t find PayTabs mentioned elsewhere. I will keep this open as the official thread for PayTabs integration, if we get further support for this, we will certainly look into this in more detail.

Just wondering why you’d use these over say, Stripe and Go Cardless, both of which I think are cheaper and are already integrated with Quickfile?

@Lurch may be there are others more cheaper but they may be not suitable for some type of business and they put a lot of limitation and/or restrictions.

But when we deal with PayTabs, we found a great flexibility and great customer support, this is the reason that make us think again about the cost and the value that can be added to our business.

Also, They are the main fast growing online processing provider in the Middle East and the Gulf region.

We compare the cost between them and others providers and finally found that a little bit increase in cost may add great benefits to our business (this is from our side and only our opinion).

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Now you can contact PayTabs directly. We are providing the integration services now.

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In case if you need any assistance with Integration let me know. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

I have been using Paytabs for quite some time now and must say they are a fast and reliable payment gateway out there in the market.

Dear Jobin ,

I owned a paytabs account and it’s in live . I need to integrate in my website to accept payment . Please help me out .

This support forum is for QuickFile related questions. I think you would be better off raising this question with PayTabs support.