PCI compliance


I have been reviewing our Stripe PCI compliance and noticed that they had been unable to confirm Quickfile was compliant under SAQ A.

I contacted Stripe as from reviewing previous posts it makes mention that you use ‘elements’ which should mean it’s compliant. They have contacted me in return and asked whether you have an upgraded version, as this appears to be the reason for failure. Apparently if Quickfile updates it should cascade a few days later and be compliant. Alternatively can you supply a PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC)?



Hello @Alclo

We use the Stripe produced JavaScript libraries to enable our users to take payment from their clients, and as such we fall into the SAQ A category.

You are correct - we do use the Stripe Elements library, and the latest version, so I’m unsure as to why Stripe have replied with what they have.

I will discuss this with our team and hopefully come back to you shortly.

Thanks for the update.

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