PDF downloading not previewing on Receipt Hub

Hi I’ve noticed recently when I go to tag an uploaded receipt, it tries to save it back to my system, I have just uploaded an new receipt and when I review it to tag it, it tries to save it the file path it is (https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/qfreceiptdata/6131459965/unallocated/Hotel-020615-£44.00.pdf). So I am unable to view the receipt in the hub window, is there something I am doing wrong all of a sudden?

This isn’t a Quickfile issue, your browser handles how PDF’s are viewed. There is a setting to either view them in the browser or use an external viewer. This setting has obviously changed at your end recently.

This may help:

Check your Adobe Reader and Acrobat settings.

Follow the instructions below to confirm that either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is configured to display PDFs in the browser.

In either Adobe Acrobat or Reader, go to Edit > Preferences.

Click Internet on the left.

Select the “Preview PDF in browser” checkbox at the top (may also be called “Display PDF in browser”). If the checkbox is already selected, you may have to deselect it, click OK, then access Preferences again to reselect it.

Click OK.

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies they where all helpful, as it is I use Chrome and reviewing what you had advised I found this out.

The recent releases of Google Chrome (6 and up) have PDF support built-in, but it’s not enabled by default.
Here’s how to enable the PDF viewer in Chrome.

  • Launch Google Chrome. Make sure you are using version 6 or above.
    To check which version you have, click on the wrench in the toolbar in the upper right corner and click on About Google Chrome. A box will pop up and display the version.
    The newest version can be downloaded at http://www.google.com/chrome.

  • Go to the Chrome address bar and type in chrome://plugins/ (see below) and hit the Enter key.

  • Click on the blue Enable link, close the browser window and you’re good to go.
    Flash, Java, and Google Update can be enabled or disabled the same way.
    Other plugins can be listed depending on what version of Chrome you are using.

Hope this advice helps someone else… :smile:

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