PDF files and invoices storage question NEEDING SPACE ON LAPTOP

Hi Glen and team,

This may sound like a basic question but… I am running out of hard disk space on my laptop and need to know this please…
All the PDF’s Purchase invoices I have in my downloads folder are taking up so much space and I need to remove them from my laptop.
If I delete them are they still backed up on your system?
Currently when I have receipts / invoices from suppliers I save them to my receipt hub in quickfile. Then create purchase invoice and the PDF in receipt hub attaches to the purchase invoice.
All this I can see on quickfile. The invoices are in Dropbox. But if I delete them will they still be backed up? Sorry to be so vague. If you could explain in simple terms that would be great. In other words I am trying to free up space on my laptop and of course Dropbox as that is getting quite full too. Thanks

Yes we do run nightly backups of all items in the document manager. You can see what and when we backup here (scroll down to the bottom for file storage items).

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the speedy reply.
So It’s safe for me to delete the files on my hard drive, knowing they are backed up on your system.
Thank you.

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You could use Dropbox selective sync to not sync the Imported folder within your Apps/Quickfile Receipts folder - that would save you laptop space, and still keep your own backups of the PDF’s on the dropbox cloud, and your desktop PC if you’ve got dropbox syncing to that.

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Thank you tellytart, I sort of see what you mean, but would there be any chance of you explaining it again as I’m not quite there with understanding. (appreciate you taking the time)

@jojo This may help:


Ah, the penny has dropped. Thank you one and all.
Great info.

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