Pdf not showing in display area when sent in via email

Hi, for some reason all my emails with pdfs attached are no longer being opened in the window in the receipt hub, they are being downloaded separately in my downloads folder on my pc. If I email in a jpeg it is displayed in the window. Can you assist. Thanks

What browser and operating system are you use?

Am using Firefox and never had this problem before. Works with jpegs but not pdfs

Window 8 so should not be a problem.

This would be a matter for your browser and/or Adobe Reader plugin settings rather than QuickFile itself. Maybe Adobe Reader has auto-updated itself recently or something like that? I’d check the reader settings, try restarting the browser, if that doesn’t work then restart the computer, if it still doesn’t work then reinstall the latest Adobe Reader.

All seems a bit drastic, considering all you need to do is check the settings and make sure your PDF reader is set to open PDF’s in the browser and not with an external application.

You may want to take a look here:


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