PDF very different from Customised Invoice Template

I’ve just spent ages customising my invoice, but the pdf version looks very different.

The “INVOICE” title has vanished all together, the logo is overlapping the text again and the invoice notes which were centred are now left aligned.

I would also like it to take up the whole of an A4 page.

Anyone any clues?

The PDF conversion software doesn’t always interpret the CSS exactly like you see in your browser. A number of CSS3 properties aren’t supported.


Take a look now, let me know if that works?

Hi Glen.

Thank you, that is much better…and I would like to congratulate you on and thank you for such prompt and attentive service.

Is there anyway of moving the word “INVOICE” below the sender address and above the recipient address? That and a few final tweaks and I will be good to go.

Thank you again

No problem, glad to help!

You can move the INVOICE label vertically down the page by setting the top offset, e.g. top: 100px; moves it down 100 pixels. You can position it left, center or right by changing the text-align property.

If you want to private message me a specific layout I will try to set that up for you.

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