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Pending Filing Notices

Is there anyway to switch-off a pending filing notice? I had to roll-back a VAT submission to change something and now I have flashing red warning that I’m overdue in filing that VAT.

HI @stuartjw

You will need to save that return that you’ve rolled back. Rolling it back will mean that you’ve unlocked all of those transactions so when you come to do the next return it will bring in all of those.

When you re-save it make sure to note if the figures differ to those that you’ve submitted to HMRC as you may need to make some adjustments to your next return to correct the figures

I think that was possible before but not now with the new UK VAT system, no option to save

Hi @stuartjw

You would need to remove your online filing settings to be able to save the return “offline” so that it locks your transactions in QuickFile - this return won’t be sent anywhere it is just for your records

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