Permanent/sticky quick search bar

Hi, Would it be possible to add a dashboard style search bar that stays permanently at the top of the page? preferably with a suggestions like the current one would be good.

Thanks Ian


Thanks Ian, I leave the thread open for others to comment and add their vote. If it proves to be popular we can look at this further.

+1 this would be useful


I would like to put my vote to this feature request.

I often find myself having to go back to the dashboard to start a new search.

It would be really good to see the search box at the right hand side of the blue menu strip.


definitely useful… I have to keep going back to the dashboard to use the feature especially when I am flicking around between customer and supplier accounts. I think you would save load on the servers if it was sticky… I tend to flick back to the dashboard for 1 in 3 of pages that I request from the server.

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We have now moved the quick search tool into the left hand menu, so it will be accessible on every page. We have also extended it’s capabilities so you can now also search for any account settings, reports and tools.


Great thanks for this

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