Persistent login?

Hi folks,

Not exactly sure what the session timeout is, but it’s pretty short (it feels like it’s no more than a couple of hours) - and logging in every time I come back to QF gets a bit irritating - especially since there’s no indication that it’s happened until you try to interact with the page.

Could we perhaps have a toggle to change to a persistent login (with whatever cautionary notices you feel necessary regarding anyone using a public machine), or at least the option to choose a day, a week, a month, etc.?

I feel it would reduce UI friction significantly.

TIA for consideration,


Is there really nobody else who comes across this?

Hi @soligram

The current session is around 2 hours, except on certain pages where this is extended automatically (e.g. invoice creation).

This post may help - Automatically logged out - #2 by Glenn

Hi @QFMathew

Thanks for getting back to me, but Glenn’s suggestion seems a bit fragile. Is there no way you’d consider giving users a bit more control here?