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Personal credit card used just for my company

if i have a personal credit card with £0 balance.
if i only use this for ltd company purchases and nothing at all personal.
if i then setup a direct debit from the ltd company to pay off the balance either in full or in part each month,

can i effectively treat this as a company credit card, add it as a card to the banking section and have it setup like that,
rather than having to pay it off via directors loan account or similar?

Hi @adnw,

I would say that if you are not using it for personal use then it can be set up as a credit card in the bank section as you will be treating it as a Company credit card. It would work fine within QuickFile as this, although have you not thought about getting a company credit card to avoid confusion?

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Yes i could get a company card, however there are many more options for interest free purchases and cashback personal cards.

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