Personal Money used within the company

Hey, I have given a personal loan to my company , This has balanced between the Directors Loan A/c and the company current a/c . So my next question is , If I purchase goods for my Ltd company through my own personal bank a/c or credit card . How should this be recorded? I feel like a idiot asking these questions =[

Record the purchases as paid from the Director’s Loan account - it’s treated as you lending money to the company which it then uses to pay for the goods.

Ahh Ian my savior again!! Thanks quick question my Share (3000) has got no entries , All i have done so far is given the company £1650 Start up cash should that be recorded in shares and not against the Directors Loan A/C (This Question is not related to the Purchasing of goods through a personal card :wink:)


This KB article suggests you just use a journal to move the money from Director’s Loan to share capital, but talk to your accountant about the other steps you need to make it official - I don’t use a limited company so I’m not sure of all the ins and outs but you probably have to say something to Companies House.

Thanks Ian i have got £1 of Ord Share so I guess i just put £1 from my loan a/c to share a/c

that doesn’t look right to me

It is not recording in the Journal

I will have to do alot reading after work

Money introduced in company should be classed as loan from director and not share capital unless it is case of increase in share capital itself

So in theory it is okay to have nothing in my Control Accounts for (3000) Shares