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Photo upload issue


Hi, photos keep re-appearing in my receipt hub after I have tagged them and cleared it. I’ve tagged the same photo two or three times, released what was happening and deleted the duplicates, after which its still turned up again.


How are you putting them in the receipt hub? You mention photos so I guess you are uploading them from your phone, what do you use to do the syncing/uploading, is it this that is seeing the reciepts being moved from the destination as them being deleted and re-uploading them (sounds very much like something Google Photos does).


open dropbox on my phone, select the dropbox folder that QF created when I setup integration, click the add photo option, snap the invoice, save as. a few mins later its on QF and moved into the [imported] folder automatically. Its been fine for years, just started playing up.


Hi @Gavin_Bonser

We’re not aware of any issues. I’ve successfully used Dropbox myself this morning without any problems.

Is it just one file you’re noticing it with or is it happening with multiple files?


Its been a few, but all within an hour. I haven’t used it since as I have nothing more to upload.


Ive just looked in the folder on dropbox and these are in there. Capture


.TMP files are likely to be caused by something else on your computer (e.g. back up software).

I did do a quick search on this and came across this thread, which may help?


Ok, I think I know whats happening. I am tagging them as soon as they appear in QF, I dont think they get been put into the ‘imported’ file immediately. If I allow 10 mins before tagging them and check the folder is empty it does not do it.



I’m glad you’ve sorted it :slight_smile:

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