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Pile of paper receipts to add into quickfile. whats the best way

im new to quickfile but ive ready through most stuff

ive been using it to create estimates and invoices, now im going to add my purchases.

right now i have a pile of paper receipts of my purchases, and a folder/email/evernote full of digital invoices that need inputting.

paper invoices:
what the quickest most efficient way of getting these into quickfile?
do i actually need to physically take a picture/scan with Open Note Scanner of every one, then tag each one to a purchase i create?

digital invoices:
i have some in my email inbox, some as pdf files, some from Open not scanner on my phone, some forwarded into everynote.
what the quickest most efficient way of getting these into quickfile and what do i do with the digital copy?


HI @adnw,

For the digital copies it may be easiest to send them into your receipts hub via email. You would need to make sure that the files are in a format that are recognised the guide can be found here: The Receipt Hub

With the paper ones, there are a few scanner apps you can get or if you have an android device you can request to use the QuickFile app (it is still in testing stage at the moment - hence you’d need to request). Once you’ve got the photos you can then send these to the receipts hub or you can use dropbox?

It is all personal preference though so it would be hard to say which would work best for you.

Hope this helps?

or you could pass on all receipts and let a bookkeeper do it for you and help you with accounts like me im a bookkeeper and have used this software since 2012 for some of my clients i use Dropbox and also auto entry to help with scanning into the software .Message me if i can help.

My accountant uses autoentry but that doesnt integrate with quickfile and my accountant doesnt use quickfile either.

Im not interested in swapping accountants but maybe in some bookkeeping?

I was actually going to get the system setup as streamline and easy as possible then let a family member, or va input my receipts and invoices.

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