Placing multiple businesses into one account

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I run two businesses and want to put them under one account (one login). However, I’m not too sure on how this works. I’ve read briefly about the affinity dashboard but I’m not too sure on how and the costs required when placing two businesses under one account.
Would anyone care to explain to me how this works?

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All and any input is much appreciated!
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I don’t think you can have two businesses under one login, you would need a separate login for each business. The Affinity account is really for accountants who run clients’ accounts on Quickfile.

Hi @alexander

You’re right in that Affinity would be the way to go. This allows you to have one login and access multiple accounts. Affinity can be used to link with existing accounts too.

Affinity is priced based on the account size. There’s more details on the billing, here: Billing Explained

I believe with Affinity you just have one login through which you can just access the multiple accounts. The accounts are still separate and unique, but Affinity means you can manage them all from one control panel.

The OP was back in April and it isn’t clear from the first post whether the “two businesses” are separate legal entities or just two trading styles of the same sole trader or same ltd company.

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