Please can you alter the "status" colours on the Purchase Management page?

Hi Guys,

I meant to post this a while ago and forgot. Since you changed to the “Modern UI” style, the colours used in the Status column on the Purchase Management page could do with a tweak.

The colours as used are:

Paid - Green
Part Paid - Orange
Unpaid - Red
Credit - Red

The two red ones are not the best choice as they conflict. I don’t know what colours would be best, but maybe changing Part Paid to Light Green or Yellow would free up Orange to be used for Unpaid?

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We need to be careful changing the colours without consensus from a broader number of users, otherwise we may face some backlash :smile:

Technically if you are a Power User you should be able to change UNPAID to orange using some custom CSS. I say “technically” as I haven’t tested this.

Hi Glenn,

I noticed there has been a subtle change of the red colour on the Purchase Management page from a dark red to a more orangey one.

For a split-second I thought you’d actually just changed the “Credit” colour as requested, however I am disappointed to see both the “Credit” and “Unpaid” have both changed to the new colour!

This still catches me out regularly and is ergonomically nonsensical.

This is not a major priority but if someone has taken the time to change the colours they could have corrected this at the same time! :confused:

Hi Nick,

I apologies, this wasn’t an intentional change, it has just now been reverted.

You may need to do a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) to see the change.

Well there was nothing wrong with the new colour… you could have used it in conjunction with the red though! :grin:

Can you “part-unrevert” it - the original issue wasn’t that we don’t like the colour but rather than you’re using exactly the same colour for both credit notes and unpaid invoices, which makes them harder to distinguish at a glance.

Would be good to keep “unpaid” as red, any preference for “credits”?

Yes, it makes sense to keep Unpaid red.

Like I said above you could change Part Paid to Light Green or Yellow which would free up Orange to be used for Unpaid or maybe you could use that Orangey Red or a Pinkish colour for Credits? Or possibly just use Yellow for Credits as that would work too.

I’d rather we didn’t change any existing colour coding as it may cause confusion with other users. We could use a pinkish colour for Credits, also how about grey?

Yes that makes sense.

I’d avoid grey as it is often interpreted as not selectable as in “greyed out”. As Credits are a good thing and red-ish colours are used to warn, what about Light Green or Yellow as these aren’t used in the Purchases view?

We’ve gone with a purple for credits, this is now live.

Light green is used for partial invoices and yellow would not provide sufficient contrast for the white text. It should now be much easier to distinguish credits at a glance.


Yeah Purple is fine. Thanks Glen, that’s great! :smiley:

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