PO converted to Purchase Invoice but still showing as SENT

I have a PO that was converted to a Purchase invoice as evidenced by the Recent Events log

Unfortunately the PO still shows as sent and if I convert it again will get a new Purchase Invoice.
Have I done something in error or is this a bug?

Hi @tc5440

We found your account and had a quick look at this for you. There’s an entry in the event log above the one you mentioned, where it was sent. This overrode the status from “Converted” to “Sent”.

I’m waiting on confirmation on whether there is a way to change this manually, but I don’t believe this is possible. The only way to do this would be to delete the purchase invoice and do it again.

However, if I hear anything different, I will let you know.

Hi, if a PO has been converted why would sending it again change it back to sent status? Surely it should stay as converted once it has been converted.

Hi @tc5440

Thank you for raising this issue with us. After talking to the development team, it appears as though this shouldn’t have happened so it will be investigated.

Hopefully this should be fixed soon so it shouldn’t happen again in the future.

However, for the one already in your account, you will have to follow the advice of @QFMathew and delete the purchase invoice and do it again.

Hello @tc5440

I have been advised this issue should now be resolved.

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