PO / Purchase entry - not setting VAT and nominal to suppliers default

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the invoice style P/O. The only thing that’s missing now is “copy the contents of this estimate or invoice to a P/o”

Anyway, the bug i’ve found is that when you’re creating a new P/o, the first line defaults to the supplier’s default nominal account, but then when you add extra lines, it defaults to Advertising.

Secondly, it defaults to NO VAT on additional lines. It should default to the supplier’s VAT rate.

By the way, the add purchase screen has the same issue.

Hi @cr123

I’ve managed to replicate the VAT issue, but not the nominal code issue. Can you confirm the ID of the supplier on your account please, and I’ll take a quick look for you? This is the ID you see in the web address:


Any supplier. It happens with all suppliers.

Here’s another thought. The P/Os now have QTYs but the purchase records do not. What will happen when I convert a P/O to a purchase record?

I’ve just replicated this - thank you. I’ve logged it with our development team to take a look. We’ll update you shortly.

The line total is brought through rather than the unit cost

Just a quick one to let you know that this issue has now been resolved.