Polish characters in pdf files

I noticed that all invoices prepared in Polish, exported to .PDF files does not display polish characters properly. I think you can change polish characters in translations file to universal letter such as:

Ęę to Ee, Óó to Oo, Ąą to Aa, Śś to Ss, Łł to Ll, Ż> Żż to Zz, Źź to Zz, Ćć to Cc, Ńń to Nn

It’s one of the most important function for Polish Community. Sorry for my english, best regards, Pawel

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Where in the invoice are you seeing an encoding issue? sender address, recipient address, item details etc?

We don’t officially support languages that contain diacritic characters. This is due to some technical limitations with our code-base. If we can resolve these problems without to much trouble we will certainly try.

In my opinion this is the best and fastest way. Of course it would be perfect to transcode database but I know this is too difficult from technical reason.

In my opinion you can very fast and simple change all polish letters Ęę, Óó, Ąą, Śś, Łł to Ll, Żż, Źź, Ćć, Ńń. It would be very helpfull for many Polish users.

For example in exported .pdf file I see: Termin pÅ‚atnoÅ›ci (correctly should be: Termin płatności).

I propose to change in database for: Termin platnosci.

The same problem is with

  1. Ilość - (should be Ilość but you can change for Ilosc).
  2. Suma czÄTMÅ›ciowa: - (should be Suma częściowa but you can change for Suma czesciowa).
  3. ZapÅ‚acono: - (should be Zapłacono but you can change for Zaplacono).
  4. Saldo naleÅ1⁄4ne (PLN): - (should be Saldo należne but you can change for Saldo nalezne).

It will temporary resolve the polish characters problem in 5 minutes of simple work :slight_smile:


Thank you for the providing the details. We will see what options are available to us, the template file may be the way to go. It may be that all we need to do is HTML encode the output for the PDF. If it’s displaying OK in the web view it’s probably not a database issue. Leave this with me and I will see what can be done, any invoice number you can provide me with would really help as we can instantly replicate the problem.

It would be a pleasure to help you and polish community. This time I have to make a hand changes in Adobe Ilustrator to change polish characters. But unfortunately I could not send email invoices right now.

I will wait for your response :slight_smile:


I corrected the overlap on the invoice logo for you :smiley:

I’ve taken a look and I think we can easily fix this without too much trouble. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Turns out this problem is with the PDF conversion software we are using. I have contacted the company that supply this component to see if we can invoke a particular setting to ensure these characters are rendered correctly. Failing that we will fall back on the substitution method you suggested in your original post.

Thanks a lot for best service ever :slight_smile:

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Take a look now, I think the problem is solved. Best of all with just one extra line of code, always my favourite kind of updates!

Thanks, it works perfect. A lot of people will be happy :slight_smile:

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