Poll tax

Hello, How do I set up a recurring monthly dd for poll tax with the council please? I cant do it on suppliers, or can I? The other question is, I can’t use dates in the future to set up a ddebit, any ideas? Thanks, Donducébjonos

Hi @Donducebjonos

The direct debit would need to be set up with the company itself. You may be able to set up a standing order if you have all the details though.

If you’re looking to record this in QuickFile, it would be a case of create a recurring invoice which will create a purchase entry for you based on your selected schedule.

Let me know if I’ve understood correctly, and if needed, I can point you in the right direction to get the recurring purchase set up.

Yes please, Matthew: It is a direct debit with the council to record poll tax, but it doesn’t start until June. I also need to set one up for the electricity bills, however with the poll tax i have the invoice from the council with the list of dates and payments. Also, are these people classed as suppliers? Especially the council? thanks, Donducébjonos

There’s two ways to approach it depending on whether or not you use an automated bank feed. If you do use a bank feed then the transactions will appear in your bank account view on QuickFile when they come out of the bank, and you can define an auto-tagging rule to automatically create a purchase for each DD payment. If you don’t use a bank feed but the payments come out on a regular basis (e.g. the same date every month) then you could set up a recurring purchase so it automatically creates the purchase record on that date and you can then log payment to create the bank transaction.

For the electricity bills I’d recommend sticking to creating one purchase for each bill you receive from the supplier, on the date of the bill (particularly if you’re VAT registered as the electric bill is a VAT invoice the same as any other supplier). In that case the monthly DD payments would be assigned via “payment to a supplier” -> “pay down multiple invoices…” where you could assign the payment to one or more outstanding bills if you’re in debit or hold it as a credit on the supplier account that you can use to start paying the next bill when it arrives.

Thanks for all of that, I am going to leave my computer on so I can still see this tonight or in the morning. Wow, you guys are such a great help, thank you.

Hi, I have now read your comments through and very helpful, thanks again.


Hi Beth, you ok? Only a quick question, how do upload our company logo onto the ‘my dashboard’ part of the set up please? I have done it before but I can’t remember! Thanks, Donducé. It has successfully gone onto receipts/invoices etc, but not on the dashboard. Thanks, Donducé

hi @Donducebjonos

Account settings > Advanced Features > Design Settings

should take you to the correct area :slight_smile:

Hi Beth, thanks, tried that, but there is no option for the dashboard settings ??11

Its ok, I have sorted it. You change it in the admin bit when you log on, before you get to the dashboard. Thank you for getting back to me though, much appreciated. Thanks, Donducébjonosdoidanacimento

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