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Possible Enhancement - Cash Register Tool

Pre COVID most of our sales were through venues but for the last year and a half the bulk have been direct to our readers through our website. The Cash Register Tool has been invaluable for this but we have hit some limitations. Online sales can be paid by card using Stripe or by PayPal but there is only one column available which means that a lot still require full invoices to be raised.

We would like to see a third column in the tool to cover the choices in payment mode. Second best would be to make the available bank accounts fully tailorable on both columns rather than one for cash and one for cards.

For the guidance of our volunteers it would also help if the column headings were user definable.

Doesn’t that alter what the cash register was intended for?

Well I suppose that QF could develop a new tool for customer-not-present transactions which aren’t well supported at the moment but I am quite happy using the cash register tool as much as I can…