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Hi all,
As this great software has many automatic lookup features i was wondering if you had plans to add a postcode lookup? what i mean is the kind you find on many sites where you have a link or button “Find Address”, this would help when filling in new clients/sales/purchases.

Just a thought :smile:


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No plans to add any sort of postcode lookup at this stage, but if this changes we shall let you know. Does anyone know if UK postcode data is still only distributed under a licence? If this is the case I don’t think we would be keen to pay for this, mainly out of principle.

According to the ‘Powered by PAF’ web site, it’s still licence only -

However, I’ve never used this product before, so someone may know something I don’t

Thanks for the replies!, it appears from this website that, as quickfile is a website, the annual price could just be £85 for street level. I may be reading that wrong but might be worth an email to them - if and when you plan to add postcode look up :smiley:

As another and free resource you could use Google maps, as i said they are free and provide post codes, they licence of the royal mail.

I think we would need premise level data, if we were to implement something like this. I remember for a previous company we licensed the PAF data for around £800 per year, they used to issue 4 CDs a year containing updates, it was nightmare trying to resync the database.

I think Google Maps will only allow you to Geocode a postcode, all this does is return a latitude and longitude coordinate for a given postcode. I don’t believe they have the capability to return a list of properties based on a postcode entry.


Seems OS have now freed up the postcode data. We can have a look at this further as soon as we have more time on our hands.

Found this - thought you may be interested?

Looks interesting but I think this code will only return the street, town and county for a given postcode. It won’t produce a list of premises which we could bind to a drop-down menu. It would be great if we didn’t need to host and maintain the database (which has about 30 million records) but instead piggyback of something like Google Maps API, I’m just not sure if this will be possible without paying unreasonable licensing fees.


i was searching on internet about Paf file and i just noticed ur question.

for paf file u need to pay for it. but i am not sure if you are small business royal mail may give some limited version for free. and best things to contact to them.

also if you want to search the postcode and see the which address is on the that postcode

please click the below link

open an free account with them then u can search both way either find the postcode or find the address.
i am using it and it is very is better than royal mail postcode finder or address finder.

good luck for the paf as well.


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Thanks for the advice and info :slight_smile:

Another option is PCA (postcode anywhere) post code lookup API integration.

Benefits are:

  1. Only PCA subscribers can use it with their own key
  2. You guys at Quickfile earn an affiliate income from clients signing up for the PCA API.

We get post code lookup and Quickfile get paid for it.

Win win for everyone.

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Quite a space of time since any posting on a Postcode Address File (PAF) lookup integration.

Previously @Glenn has posted of the cost implications but there are other official address lookup options available these days.

Ordnance Survey have introduced API products; such as OS Places API | Data Products | Ordnance Survey that maybe a more economical and easier to sync than the 4 CD updates used historically. A new feature that I recently discovered within addressing is the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) if a UPRN data-field was an option for client and supplier records there would be an easier method to link the client and supplier as they at the same address…

An additional benefit of connecting to such an address lookup system is that the local authority is included which would fix Welsh border postcodes for the correct flag to show when looking at client/supplier records (Postcode areas CH5-CH8 change of flag)

Hi @alan_mcbrien, we’ve not forgotten about this. We’ll be reviewing a few different solutions soon.

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An address lookup has been added when creating Clients and Suppliers