Posting a Supplier CR Note

I have a CR note from B Gas for my electric, if I select an invoice and allocate the CR against it I get the following error

The credit note amount cannot exceed the remaining balance (105.27).

There are two types of credit note, one where you’re effectively cancelling any outstanding invoice. The other where you’re returning amounts already paid on an invoice, either to your bank account or to hold on the supplier account.

Which one of the above apply in this situation?

It is a credit to my bank account

So in this case you can just open a new purchase entry screen and enter a negative amount equivalent to the refund. When you save QF will ask you what bank account you want to deposit the money to.

Though the wording is a little misleading here, as the account selection dropdown is labelled “Refund from account” rather than to. I presume it has been labelled the same as for a sales invoice credit note but I’ve never had reason to create one of those as I run a retail shop and don’t invoice individual customers directly.

I remember this being reported a few weeks back, as for supplier CNs it should show “Refund to account”. On the development log it was shown as solved but clearly there has been some regression here.


This should be fixed by next release. The previous fix only worked for one type of CN.