Posting a vat only invoice

Hi can you tell me how to post a purchase invoice from parcel force for goods imported from USA - it is for import VAT only - on sage i could just post the VAT amount however i cannot seem to do this on quick file?

Hi @jill2308

You may want to take a look at this post:

Sorry i really dont understand why this reply is telling me to do - I have made a payment from my bank for VAT only on an imported item from USA so i need to allocate this payment and quick file will not let me do this I do not understand the archive untag amend part of reply and the image appears to refer to a sales invoice?

Hi @jill2308

You can create a purchase invoice in the way:

Basically, you have one line at the VAT rate you are being charged for, and then one line at ‘No VAT’ to reverse the standard amount (in this example, £10.00). As you can see from the Totals box, it leaves just £2.00 of VAT to be paid