Posting Cash Receipts

Hi, I’ve browsed the forum and can’t find an answer to my specific question.

I don’t run a petty cash account for my business as 99.8% is done via online payments and cards etc. Occasionally I have to pay for parking using cash (I always try to use online/phone app options). How do I enter these in QuickFile? I take the money from my own pocket so no mention on the bank statement and no petty cash for the business.

Many thanks

Hi Simon,

How would you reimburse yourself for these spends?

Are you a sole trader or is this for a limited company or other organisation?

Thanks for your responses. It’s a sole trader account with just me in the business. I don’t reimburse myself for these expenses. Should I? Would this be the solution?

In that case just mark the payment in QuickFile as being from your Proprietor Drawings bank account. This account can be used to handle any movements of money between you as an individual and you as the business, not just for when you actually take drawings.

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Exactly how I always handled it as a sole trader.

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