Posting to suspense account 9998

Hi I am trying to post a bank item from something else not on the list, but it won’t pick up code 9998. I have a code for balance sheet suspense, which it will pick up but not 9998. Never had this problem before. Any ideas please?

Thank you

Anything you leave untagged should appear in 9998 automatically, you don’t have to post it there yourself. Tagging moves the balance from 9998 to its proper home.

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Hi Ian

Thanks for this, yes I understand this but I want to leave it on suspense as it will be a contra to a payment. I am sure I have been able to tag to this before. If I can’t how will I be able to tag the bank account with both entries, or will I have to post to my balance sheet suspense account now?


If it’s contra invoicing the best way to do it is to set up a new contra invoicing bank account.

Take a look here:

Your payment in for your invoice would then be tagged to that invoice, and the payment out would be tagged to theirs, leaving nothing in the suspense account

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