Posting transactions

Ok, I have added all my supplier details into the suppliers accounts area and uploaded my purchase spreadsheet. The suppliers reference is different from the account info I have saved. How do I allocate each supplier transaction to the correct supplier account?? Cant find it.

you should have suppliers names column in purchases import feed

The problem being that the reference on the bank statement is slightly different to that on the Quickfile accounts. For example; Is a supplier used and this is the supplier name in the list of supplier accounts. The bank statement shows ref000112244 etc and so on. There you see the issue. Does this mean I have to re-enter the detail on the bank statement, if so that is an awful lot of work.?? Any answers? Regards

you can do a match word command in excel to solve it, e.g if command to match a particular supplier name in bank csv feed with names of QF supplier, then you will have QF suppliers listed next to bank feed suppliers and then use this new column to feed data gain in QF

Oh dam this really is a pain in de butt!!