[ Potential New User] Filtering multiple clients from one bank account?

Hello everyone hope you are well.

I have been doing a bit of research for a good reliable accounting solution and quickfile seems to tick a lot of boxes for me (been using excel for a while now and keen to jump ship).

My business is basically working with/managing a number of bands. I have a clients bank account where multiple artists ins/outs go through.

I basically would like to (tag?) artists related to each transaction and have the ability to filter each band to their related ins/outs and be able to generate accounting reports specific to that band. The reason for this is that all my artists money is paid into one holding “clients” account

Currently I work on excel to record each of my clients ins/outs on a consolidation sheet and filter each artist effectively this way but would like to apply the same method to quickfile but with the option of additional functionality such as reports.

Is this possible? It would be great if it is and will definitley be something I and members of my team can use.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Tom,

I think what you may be after is more of the project tagging, so you could tag an invoice, purchase, credit note etc to a ‘project’, which will allow you to view reports (profit and loss for example), and view anything tagged to it.

I’d recommend having a look at this thread which explains this feature in more detail:


Hope that helps!

Looks interesting Parker, thank you for your reply. Is it possible to add project tags in the Bank Statement page?


You can’t on the bank statement unfortunately, but you can with the invoices, credit notes, estimates, purchases, recurring invoices. It’s very useful - I’d recommend giving it a go.

You could always set up an account for playing with, and then reset it before using it

Hmm, I’ve had a play and as an account as a whole it’s perfect for my needs but I still can’t filter within it. Is there another way? Create another account with the same information in related to that artist?

Or can I use an outside service?

I’d still love to use quickfile for my overall accounting but I really need to have this feature. Any advice here would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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