Power Subscription payment screen

Hi there,

Would you be able to help me? It’s prompting me to pay £45 power user subscription but I’m unable to see whether I need to be a power user or not anymore. I know it’s upto 1000 transactions but I can’t see how many Iv actually used as I can’t get passed the payment screen. I can get to the all settings bit but then goes back to payment screen. I would just like to see how many I have used.
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Hi LPS123,

It is not 1000 transaction, it is 1000 ledger items/entries. It really depends on how you run your quickfile account but with about 4 or 5 sales and purchase invoices per week you will reach the 1000 threshold.
However, you can check your ledger items by clicking on/hoover over Account Settings in the blue menu bar, and then click on Company Settings. The 3rd point is your account size and there on the right hand-side you can see how many ledger entries you’ve got. I hope this helps

and that’s in total (e.g. 2 sales plus 3 purchases), not 5 of each.

Thanks guys but I’m unable to see this as when I click on the company settings it’s immediately takes me to the payment screen and it won’t let me see anything else unfortunately

Hi @LPS123

If you’re seeing the payment screen, it means your account has over 1,000 nominal ledger entries within the last 12 months. In this case, you would need the power user subscription to continue using QuickFile.

People seem to get caught by this when winding down a business, as I did myself. It would be nice if the buy/renew screen showed the number of transactions in the last twelve months and even the future date on which the account will drop into the free tier again.

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