Power user - split tagging

I see in your documentation that the power-user functionality includes Split bank tagging, to split the expense in multiple nominal codes, but does it also support project tagging per-split?

For example, when an invoice comes in from my web hosting company, I want to proportion some of it to one project and some of it to another, to keep better track of profit per project.

Where’s the price for the power-user subscription?


Split tagging is for splitting bank transactions to multiple nominal codes, it doesn’t involve projects in any way.

Splitting invoice totals across multiple projects is not currently supported. I believe there’s a thread open somewhere in regards to this? In the next round of updates for the project side this could well be something we look at, although I don’t have any fixed time-frame or details on this yet.

The power user subscription is £45 + vat. A full list of additional features can be found here:


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