Preferred purchase categories

There are too many purchase categories to scroll through. Is it possible to identify a sub set of preferred categories and drop down only those?

Hi, You can start to write the category you are looking for in the drop-down menu. For example, if you start to write bank the drop-down menu will reduce the categories/accounts to which start or include bank - like Bank Fee, Bank Charge, Bank interests … and so on.
In addition to this quickfile is learning your categories/accounts. For example, if you tagged an invoice or a customer or so to a account it will show the same category for this customer the next time.
And you can add rules, so if you have a transaction tagged to customer/supplier/between bank accounts … next time a transaction from the same customer/supplier/between bank accounts and so on can quickfile tag automatically, if you want.
I hope it helps

Hi @davidhartley

If you’re not using some of the nominals, you can also remove (hide) them from your account from the Chart of Accounts report. Just go to More Options and you should find the option there to do this.

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