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IS it possible to pay for premium support? Maybe in Affinity? Thanks

Hi @Vistaro

We don’t offer premium support as such, but our team are here to help you with your QuickFile queries during office hours. We do say that we reply typically within a few hours, but we will often reply much quicker than this.

Is there anything we can help with?

Thanks for the reply, support thus far has been as you describe, I was just wondering if there was a premium version with more personalised responses and help - I’m new to thi sand learning fast!

Hi @Vistaro,

If you need to ask questions that may involve personal information you are welcome to send a private message to @QFSupport, but we prefer that questions are kept to the public forum as they can help other users in the future

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Probably a stupid question but how do is end DM’s on here?

Hi @Vistaro

You can click on the user’s name or avatar, or in the case of @QFSupport, you can just click the name, and then “Message”.

There’s a bit more info on this here: How to send a private message on the forum

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