Prepayments breakdown at a particular date

The debtor/creditor report shows a total figure for prepayments for both debtors or creditors at year end date. I need to get a breakdown of which clients/suppliers these prepayments were relating to. In the client management section, clicking on Advanced Search and then checking prepayments shows the clients which have prepayments on their accounts AS OF TODAY not at the year end date (31 March). Similarly it is possible to show a list suppliers with prepayments as of today but not at a particular time in the past.

Is there any way of getting a list of suppliers and clients which had prepayments on their accounts on 31/3/2018?

Hi @jwacc

Although it’s not shown on the screen, if you export the data from the report, this should provide you with a breakdown.

You can enter a date range here after selecting the “Prepayments” option. This should provide a breakdown for you.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried exporting it but it is still only showing prepayments which exist on clients’ accounts as of today. It doesn’t matter what date I put in the advanced search, the exported file always shows the current situation, not that at 31/3/18.

So you’re essentially looking for a list of all payments dated on or before 31st March which are either unallocated or allocated to invoices dated 1st April or later. I don’t think there’s a single report that will give you that but it might be doable with a bit of excel manipulation, how complex that would be depends whether any of your clients make split or partial payments (i.e. more than one payment against the same invoice or more than one invoice paid down by the same payment).

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