Prepayments (Foregn Currencies) discrepancy exchange rate calculation

Similar to what @magnacom reported Prepayment entry bug

The example shows an exchange rate as 1.1246, but the actual rate is 1.1236. The discrepancy
generally shows a reduction by 0.0010.

The prepayment was later attached to two purchase invoices;
Invoice #QF04138 €3.50 ex. rate 1.1236 - Currency Gain/Loss for purchase (0.01) GBP
Invoice #QF04139 €5.50 ex. rate 1.1236 - Currency Gain/Loss for purchase 0.00 GBP

When looking at the payment #PP009048 that was attached to these two invoices the rate shown is the miscalculated exchange rate, the two purchases would report the Currency Gain/Loss as (0.09) but they do not.

We’ve logged this with our team for review.

We identified an issue with the prepayment exchange rate calculation that was specific to certain scenarios. We’ve deployed a fix this evening to address this. You can enter journal to correct that, or you can remove and re-add the payment. If you need any assistance with that just drop me or @QFSupport a private message with your account number and we’ll take a look.

Just did a foreign exchange prepayment that now calculates the exchange rate correctly, that’s great thank you.

As to the previous prepayments that are showing an incorrect calculation on their payment slips, although this is a little confusing the actual entries were calculated and allocated correctly so not looking to change the payment slips again.

A second big thanks for quickly fixing this bug after reporting the problem which I had been ignoring for quite some time.

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