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Preset "Out Of Scope" setting at client/supplier level


It would be great to be able to set the “Out Of Scope” (and “VAT Exempt”) setting on a per client (or supplier) basis. That way all invoices raised foe these clients would be automatically set to “Out Of Scope”.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will leave this thread open for others to add their vote/comment. I don’t see it being too difficult to implement but we are so backed up with other work at the moment I can’t promise when this can be reviewed.


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for considering this. If/when this gets done it will help me greatly invoice my non-UK customers.


Great idea, because now it is impossible to import Out Of Scope invoices from csv!


Good point - there are now JavaScript tweaks one can set up if you’re entering invoices via the web interface but that doesn’t help CSV imports, you’d have to use the API.