Preset "Out Of Scope" setting at client/supplier level

It would be great to be able to set the “Out Of Scope” (and “VAT Exempt”) setting on a per client (or supplier) basis. That way all invoices raised foe these clients would be automatically set to “Out Of Scope”.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will leave this thread open for others to add their vote/comment. I don’t see it being too difficult to implement but we are so backed up with other work at the moment I can’t promise when this can be reviewed.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for considering this. If/when this gets done it will help me greatly invoice my non-UK customers.

Great idea, because now it is impossible to import Out Of Scope invoices from csv!

Good point - there are now JavaScript tweaks one can set up if you’re entering invoices via the web interface but that doesn’t help CSV imports, you’d have to use the API.

Are you planning to add such option? Maybe its not to diffucult to add one more field in invoice / customer import? Because if we have 1000+invoices, its impossible to change it manually.

Hi @JustClick_LTD

There are no updates here I’m afraid. We’ll be sure to update this thread should this change.