Prevent duplicate payments

Can you update Quickfile Tagging process to prevent a cache amount being tagged to a invoice where an active Direct Debit is being processed.

We have an issue that has caused some issues.


  1. Invoice is created
  2. Direct Debit or IWOCA payment is requested
  3. Client accidently pays the invoice via BACS
  4. Untagged BACS transaction is in BANKING is TAGGED to the invoice invoice
  5. The Payment from Go cardless appears to be lost and very difficult to reconcile and even be aware of.

What should happen

  1. Invoice is created
  2. Direct Debit or IWOCA payment is requested
  3. Client accidently pays the invoice via BACS
  4. user tries to TAG Untagged BACS transaction is in BANKING to the invoice invoice
    4a) Quickfile notifies that there is pending payment on invoice and prevents the Tag.
    4b) To Tag the amount the GoCardless transaction must be cancelled first to prevent duplication. Provide the user with the option to cancel the pending transaction and Tag the amount.
    4c) If the Direct Debit can not be cancelled allocate the balance to the client or advise on the how best to process the return (In the accounts). I don’t mean provide instruction on how to get the sort code and return funds
  5. Invoice Marked as PAID

I Define the above as a bug but will leave it up to you to reclassify.

Quickfile does not provide the option on recurring invoices to draw funds from customer balance first but this would be great if it did . I will create a separate feature request.

Hello @MearTech

Thank you for your comments/suggestions.

I have classified this as a feature request for now to allow others to vote on it.

I have also passed this to the development team to review for you.

ok I see it as a bug as it is dropping the Gocardless transaction without awareness.

Hello @MearTech

We do warn account holders if a GoCardless payment is received for an already paid invoice.

If the invoice is already tagged to a payment and the GoCardless payment is still pending, when it does complete we now email the you if there’s already a payment attributed.


Here’s an example of the email you would receive.

Hi @QFSteve,

Any change these notifications can be surfaced within the platform somewhere? We’ve experienced this issue several times but have not received an email notification. As @MearTech says, it does cause a real headache when this happens. Would be great if a notification could also be added to the system to account for any email deliverability issues.