Prevent return to page 1 when deleting bank statement entries

Does anyone else have an issue in that when tagging or deleting a transaction the page refreshes back to page 1 of the bank statements and so you then have to go through to find the point at which you were at with the previous tag ?? A little frustrating if your trying to work through the transactions and have to keep finding your previous point.


It shouldn’t happen with tagging but it does reload the statement when deleting entries. When deleting entries it needs to reload in order to recalculate the running balance. I’m not sure if we can retain the page index though I will log this in our planner to see if it can be looked at.

I also find this annoying, especially if you have a few pages

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@mowlemstudios @Freda we have now fixed the “Return to page 1” quirk on the bank statement screen. Now when you delete an entry it will retain the current page index.

Hope that helps!


Other glitches I’m experiencing with regards to tagging.

Create a rule to process matching transactions in the same way
This rule fails to tag transactions of the same name. If you then go through to bulk tag these payment and then attempt to go back to the statement page you are taken to the bank management page ! little frustrating as you have to navigate back through.

If date view is altered to oldest first within the statement page (using the reference icon) this bulk tagging sequence then takes you back to the previous ‘newest first’ display format.

It’s better if you can create new threads for separate issues, otherwise it’s very difficult for us to track properly or for others to comment.